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  • Ultra lightweight
  • Available in 120 or 240 8VAC Output
  • 12, 24, 48, and 66VDC input
  • Weather Resistant
  • Metering
  • 2KW, 4KW, or 6KW output

DC to AC Power Inverter Features

The inverter is a stand-alone fixed unit with mounting holes in the base for attachment to flat surface.

Mechanical dimensions:

  • 4KW: 10 inches high x 11 inches deep x 18 inches wide
  • 6KW: 10 inches high x 14 inches deep x 21 inches wide

Input and Output

  • Input connections: 2 Mechanical Compression Connectors (Box Type Lug 4/0  2AWG)
  • (BATT + and BATT -)
  • Output connections: 4 pole connector strip. 4KW unit up to 8 ga.; 6KW unit up to 6 ga.
  • Ground connection: Ground chassis connector up to 6 ga.


  • On/Off switch, Battery voltage test.
  • Electric Input
  • The inverter operates on DC power
  • Electric Output
  • The inverter is capable of converting DC to AC, 120Vac (4KW and 6KW systems), 120/240Vac (4KW system) or 120/208Vac (6KW system). True sine wave.

The inverter has an output capacity of 4,000 Watts (4KW system) or 6,000 Watts (6KW system) during continuous operation in ambient air temperatures of -25C to +50C, the power output will not drop more than 660W (4KW system) and 1,000 Watts (6KW system).

Protective Features
Low Voltage

  • The inverter provides a low voltage light to warn the operators of steady-state input voltage drops below minimum voltage level Vdc. To allow for momentary voltage drops, the low-voltage sensing circuit incorporates a delay of ten seconds. The inverter has a manual reset after shutting down for low voltage, and draws no current until the reset is activated. The inverter draws no current after being manually switched off.

Thermal Overload

  • The inverter provides automatic high temperature shut down capability when the internal temperature exceeds safe limits.

Electrical Overload

  • The inverter has an output overload protection circuit.

Status Indication

  • The inverter has Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) to indicate inverter power, low input voltage, overload, and high temperature.


  • The inverter circuit boards are conformal coated.