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How to maintain your modular inverters

You invest in inverters to minimize downtime, and to maintain the life of your equipment. You know that frequent power outages can lead to a problem in your machine, and you want to prevent this by using industrial power inverters. However, did you ever realize that modular inverters and... [Read More]

4 Industrial power inverters working tips worth knowing

Industrial power inverters go a long way in minimizing the downtime of any business. It ensures continual power supply to all the essential equipment running the show.  Whenever there is an AC power outage, the inverter’s battery power is converted and filtered through its voltage-regulating transformer. It’s quickly done,... [Read More]

4 Advantages of installing and using industrial power inverters

Industrial power inverters provide an uninterrupted power supply to vital electronics and equipment during power outages. They, in the process, prevent data losses and possible damage to equipment because of intermittent electricity or voltage spikes. They, in the process, provide lots of benefits, which not many people may know. ... [Read More]

Three useful tips for the proper use of your AC power industrial inverters

AC industrial inverter systems are today popularly used in many hospitals, offices, hotels, and industrial establishments. They are just right to provide emergency lighting in these places in case of a power outage.  They don’t just start immediately during a power outage but also automatically restart and recharge their... [Read More]

Three must-know benefits of true sine wave inverters

True sine wave inverters are vital for providing safe energy to your sensitive equipment like microwaves, computers, and medical equipment during a power outage. It’s become of the many benefits 2k watt power inverters have over other inverters.  1. Meets most power and device require nets True sine wave... [Read More]

Why are sine wave inverters safer than generators for electronic devices?

You can get your answer just by thinking about how generators and sine wave inverters work actually.  When you switch on a generator, it emits lots of noise and causes so much pollution. It is because generators are not built to cater to the power needs of sensitive and... [Read More]

Do you know how pure sine wave inverters work?

You may, by now, know that pure sine wave inverters are a better option to power your sensitive equipment like microwaves and computers. However, did you ever stop to think how these modular inverters work? Well, they do anything industrial power inverters do. That is to consistently and quickly... [Read More]

3 Tips for prolonging the life of modular inverters batteries

Batteries are the heart of all inverters. It doesn’t matter if you use industrial power inverters, pure sine wave inverters, or modular inverters. It’s only if the batteries are well maintained will the inverter be able to serve you for some time. Here are some useful tips that keep... [Read More]

Why you should not overload industrial power inverters

Most people are of the impression that they can use their industrial power inverters to power as many electrical appliances s they want. However, this is something all inverter manufacturers advise against.  It is because overloading inverters is risky. It may lead to an explosion, or it may damage... [Read More]

3 Industrial power inverters maintenance tips worth knowing

Industrial power inverters are practically the backbone of any organization. They provide clean, alternative power during power outages to minimize downtime and keep sensitive equipment running continuously. They are thus a significant investment, which should be maintained well to serve you for many years to come. So if you... [Read More]