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Go green with industrial power inverters

Did you know that industrial power inverters can help you go green while on a road trip? This is because they are very helpful and often necessary for setting up a solar power system for both your home and vehicles. They help by converting solar power into safe electricity... [Read More]

2 important mistakes to avoid when buying 2k watt inverters

Frequent travelers and people with holiday homes should truly consider investing money in 2k watt power inverters. They need them to convert and store DC electricity coming from the battery into safe AC electricity for powering appliances when there are no alternative household power sources. However, there are some... [Read More]

5 tips to help you choose sine wave inverters

If you are looking for sine wave inverters, it’s better to do some relevant research before investing in one. This is because they are really sensitive inverters that convert a battery’s direct current to alternating current. They come in two types, which are modified and true versions. Pure sine... [Read More]

AC power inverters- Save money through third-party servicing providers

It’s not enough to just do your research and buy the right AC power industrial inverters for your equipment. Like any other piece of equipment, it needs to be periodically maintained for optimal functioning. The problem is that most people who buy inverters are undecided about whom to approach... [Read More]

3 tips to ensure you buy the right 2k watt inverters

It’s not easy finding the right 2k watt power inverters, especially if it’s the first time you are looking for one. The main reason is that there are so many types and sizes of inverters. The wrong choice can lead to a waste of money and more confusion instead... [Read More]

How infrared scanning play a vital part at prolonging the life of pure sine wave inverters

Pure sine wave inverters go through a lot while providing power to your equipment during power outages. They thus help minimize downtime and prevent untoward and unannounced accidents and damage to your equipment. This prolonged exposure to these power outages, especially in industrial applications, can take a toll on... [Read More]

You don’t want to make these mistakes while buying Industrial power inverters

Are you thinking about buying industrial power inverters? Are you fed up with the downtime incurred by power outages? If yes, you have to wisely choose your industrial power inverters, and avoid making these mistakes. · Wrong size There are standard inverters that come in various sizes. This is... [Read More]

How an industrial power audit helps select the right inverters

  The best way to find out which industrial power inverters you should invest in is through an industrial power audit. This is because these audits not only show how much power your company uses, but also shows how and where you can save electricity and money, and identify... [Read More]

4 useful facts you should know about modular inverters

A power outage is one of the worst things that can happen to any company. It stops work and productivity and can amount to lots of loss for a business. This is the main reason companies and institutions invest in modular inverters to maintain continuous power to their tools... [Read More]

3 types of inverters with different wave types

Inverters are not only divided in terms of their power capacity and into standard or customized inverters. They are also divided based on their waves into sine wave inverters or ‘true’ or ‘pure’ sine wave, modified sine wave and square wave. 1. Sine wave inverters Your local utilities and... [Read More]