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Cost Effective Modular Inverters Save Money

Have you been looking for industrial power inverters that provide the proper energy source for assorted electronic equipment within your business? ExelTech has manufactured various types of inverters for nearly three decades. Product design and your facility layout are two important factors taken into consideration when developing the optimum... [Read More]

4 Tips for selecting the right AC Power Inverters Manufacturers

If you are thinking of investing in AC power industrial inverters, you need to first select the right inverter manufacturers. This is important because they are the ones responsible for the quality of AC inverters they produce. If you know AC inverters well, you can buy yours from a... [Read More]

Three Ways to Save Money and be Eco-Friendly with Modular Inverters

Buying new equipment and replacement parts doesn’t need to break the bank. Purchases like industrial power inverters are examples of how companies can realize savings by using techniques like recycling and refurbishing. Even if the company is flush and there’s little concern about eking extra use or after-sale reimbursement,... [Read More]


Have you considered getting 2k watt power inverters or the true sine wave inverters? When you choose an AC power source, you should consider the waveform. A waveform represents how an AC (alternating current) differs as time progresses. The most common AC waveform is known as the sine wave.... [Read More]


If you need industrial power inverters, there is no question that you require more energy and more durability. Apart from being either industrial or residential, inverters can also be modular or standard. Because of the increase in their demand, many manufacturers fail to explain the difference between modular inverters... [Read More]


Companies may resort to ac power industrial inverters if their AC power source is unavailable or even unreliable. Like any inverter, ac inverters help you energize your vehicles and appliances in a more stable manner. Generally, businesses need more mobile and flexible solutions to their power needs. If they... [Read More]

To Power Inverters

It is vital to understand that industrial power inverters are used to make equipment and vehicles run smoothly. As these power inverters work, DC power and AC power are at play. Take note that DC power is the power you get from batteries while AC power is the power... [Read More]

Make no mistakes while choosing the right industrial power inverter manufacturers

If you are looking for the best industrial power inverters, you need to first find the right inverter manufacturers. This is a rather tough task as there are so many manufacturers to choose from. This is where these tips should help ensure you make no mistakes when making your... [Read More]

Benefits of Industrial Modular Inverters

What is a modular inverter? Quite simply, they are inverters that are able to be configured to the needs of the end users. How do you know if a modular inverter is a good choice? Will it suit your inversion needs? In an effort to help you make the... [Read More]

6 Questions For An Inverter Manufacturer

If this is the first time that you’re buying an inverter then there are a few important questions that you need to ask a manufacturer before you decide on which manufacturer is the best fit for you and your needs? We’re going to list and answer some of these... [Read More]