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AC power inverters- Some things you should know before buying

Did you know that AC inverters have more uses than just delivering essential power for devices like microwave ovens? Did you know that they are also used to power military equipment in remote parts of the world, and for bringing electricity to the off-grid schools and homes in Third-World... [Read More]

3 Characteristics that help select the best 2k watt inverters

2k watt power inverters are instruments that are necessary for powering sensitive equipment. They are compact and lightweight in design and structure, weighing on an average, only about twelve pounds each. No voltage fluctuations They are actually true sine wave inverters that produce precisely regulated output voltage. This is... [Read More]

2 important questions to ask before buying pure sine wave inverters

No matter how much you may think you know about industrial power inverters, there are always a few doubts creeping into the minds of potential buyers. This is mainly because there are so many types and brands to select from. Asking these two questions will help to significantly reduce... [Read More]

Do industrial power inverters need a built-in charger?

It’s when you decide to buy a new industrial power inverter or to upgrade an existing one that you wonder if you should buy an all-in-one inverter/charger system. If you wonder why, well, most power inverters just take direct current battery power and convert it to Alternating current or... [Read More]

Choose inverters based on total power requirements

Industrial power inverters have an important role in ensuring your electrical gadgets work safely. They help by converting Direct Current to Alternating Current, safe power for running most electrical appliances like laptops, microwaves and even refrigerators. With most electronics working off alternating current, it’s but natural that you have... [Read More]

Check the inverters’ power source if it doesn’t work

Your car modular inverter is pretty much like any other electronic gadget you may own and use. It may be working today, and suddenly stop functioning another day. Sometimes the problem may be something major, warranting buying a new unit altogether for your vehicle. However, there are also times... [Read More]

How to select and use pure sine wave inverters

Have you ever wondered what industrial power inverters actually do and what you can use them for? Well, industrial power inverters are generally equipment that helps change DC power from a battery into conventional AC power. This is the power that is used for powering all the devices in... [Read More]

How to determine the right-sized industrial power inverters

Don’t worry if you don’t know which inverter to buy. There are so many industrial power inverters on the market, from inverter manufacturers highlighting so many features and benefits. You end up in utter confusion when it boils down to selecting the right industrial power inverter for your organization.... [Read More]

Inverters tend to draw energy when not in use

Industrial power inverters are practically a necessity in nearly every organization. They help maintain minimal downtime during power outages and ensure a continual power source so that your machinery works all the time. Inverters need about 8-10% more power than appliance power load While modular inverters are built to... [Read More]

8 Benefits of pure sine wave inverters

When it comes to inverters, there are two main types to choose from. They are square wave or modified sine wave inverters and pure sine wave inverters. They each have their own features and advantages. You might tell from their names that the pure sine wave inverters are better... [Read More]