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Tips for Selecting 2K Watt Inverters

The most important thing to know before shopping for 2K watt power inverters or any other type of inverter is exactly what’s needed and the importance of meeting those needs. The following tips will guide you during the search for a compatible inverter that suits the needs of your... [Read More]

Efficient Pure Sine Wave Inverters

One of the greatest benefits of pure sine wave inverters is their efficiency. Sine waves, the basic AC waveform of AC, creates two types of sine inverters. Modified sine inverters have power to handle some energy loads and provide fluctuating output voltages, such as found in less sensitive appliances... [Read More]

What Purpose do Inverters Serve?

The battle for survival between AC and DC current was a hot topic at the end of the 18th century. Thomas Edison advocated the use of direct current for supplying electrical power; Nikola Tesla encouraged the adoption of alternating current. Even though AC holds first place for supplying power... [Read More]

Importance of Maintenance in Industrial Power Inverters

Modular inverters are very important to equipment performance. In fact, it’s easy to overlook maintenance when they’re operating effectively. That may result in a loss of power down the road with the need for repair and potential downtime until the problem’s found. Another situation that affects industrial power inverters... [Read More]

Sine Wave Inverter Uses

What exactly is a sine wave inverter? Basically, it is a device that takes the output of a battery, direct current or DC, as its known, and converts it to alternating current or AC, which is like the power from your home outlets. There are a multitude of devices... [Read More]

Capabilities of Custom Power Inverters

Why is it that some companies go out of their way to make clever descriptive titles for some of their products? Part of the reason is to convince the consumer that their line has more power and life expectancy than that of other companies. The result is confusing, however.... [Read More]

Inverter Usage in the Home, Business, and Factory

If you’ve spent any amount of time shopping for industrial power inverters, you already know there’s an incredible number manufactured across the world. Hundreds of factories in the United States produce a variety of inverters in response to consumer demand. On the surface it appears to be a major... [Read More]

Three Ways to Determine the Status of Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Quality industrial power inverters and modular inverters are designed to deliver superior performance. As an inverter ages, however, it becomes more likely to fail. There are actually a few options for assessing the equipment’s status. The biggest advantage of having it done is that problems can be detected and... [Read More]

Modular Inverters & Harmful Operating Conditions

Modular inverters are made to withstand many adverse conditions when in operation. There are some conditions, however, that can harm your modular inverters. There are a few things that you should be on the lookout for if you plan on using industrial power inverters. If you know what to... [Read More]

What is the Difference Between Manufacturer and Third Party Inverter Maintenance?

A significant advantage of working on sine wave inverters and other types of inverters is the task of maintaining their efficiency. Some types of electrical equipment are harder to service and quite complex in comparison. It’s no hassle to take a few screws out of the inverter and remove... [Read More]