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An introduction to frequency converters

Frequency converters or changers are devices that convert about 50-60 Hz of incoming power to 400Hz output power. They come mainly in two types- rotary and solid state frequency converters. The rotary frequency converters run motors on electrical energy while solid state frequency changers convert alternating current to direct... [Read More]

Importance of choosing the right AC Power Industrial Inverters

Importance of choosing the right AC Power Industrial Inverters There is a rise in the number of AC power industrial inverters on the market today. This is mainly because power grids that had once delivered direct current to homes and commercial establishments now deliver AC or alternating current. With... [Read More]

Don’t choose 2k watt inverters just by brand or name

A continual power source is integral to keeping your personal, industrial and commercial equipment functioning. One of the best ways to do this is using true sine wave inverters. They are necessary for keeping your equipment humming and working efficiently. This is why you need to choose the appropriate... [Read More]

Pure Sine Wave Inverters can save you money

Pure sine inverters use the help of sophisticated technology to convert power to the necessary power found in homes and offices. They play an important part in protecting all your sensitive equipment from power surges, which is why they have to always be working in excellent condition. Like anything... [Read More]

Save money buying industrial power inverters directly from manufacturers

Choosing the right inverters for any company is no joke. It’s a task to be taken seriously, considering the effects and consequences of the choice. The wrong inverter can end up a waste of money that leads to more disadvantages than benefits. This is why you should choose your... [Read More]

How an industrial power audit can help you choose industrial power inverters

An industry power audit should not be considered just an added expense to any industry. It should, in fact, be considered more of an investment for the industry. This is because these audits, in the long term, help you make more money by helping you save money in places... [Read More]

Why modular inverters make a better choice

Modular inverters have been around for more than a decade and within this short time span has managed to create a strong presence in its niche. Today they are considered to be the better choice as industrial power inverters. Customers showed some initial reluctance to adapt to these modular... [Read More]

3 industrial power modular inverter buying and installing mistakes to avoid

If you are fed up of problems in machinery caused by power outages, then it’s time you considered investing in modular inverters. They convert a standard battery’s power into industrial power to prevent outages and work well only if you buy the right inverter for your company. You can... [Read More]

3 reasons and benefits for manufacturing industries to use industrial power inverters

Industrial power inverters are a vital and necessary investment for any manufacturing industry to ensure smooth and continuous functioning. In fact, there are many inverter manufacturers that also produce customized inverters to meet your unique manufacturing industry power needs. Read on to find out about the many benefits these... [Read More]

4 tips to prevent the malfunctioning of industrial power inverters

Prevention is always better than cure, even for industrial power inverters. Yes, most of the cases where these inverters broke down to leave other equipment stranded without the right DC to AC power inversion could have been prevented with these preventive measures. 1. Regular maintenance Inverters also need regular... [Read More]