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5 Questions you may have never thought to ask before buying sine wave inverter

Ignorance is bliss they say; however, it doesn’t apply while buying sine wave inverters! It’s better if you know as much about them so that you can buy the best inverters for your additional power needs. With so many brands and types of inverters to select from, asking the... [Read More]

Here’s how you can save money while buying industrial power inverters

Industrial power inverters are indeed a significant investment. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on each unit. Here are a few ways to save a bit of your investment.  1. Look for, and buy the right sized batteries You can save some money in the long run... [Read More]

5 industrial power inverter mistakes that can make you look dumb

The moment you have an industrial power inviter, you tend to use it to power everything in your establishment. It’s a normal human reflex to do, but which can lead to more harm than good.  It’s, in fact, something inverter manufacturers vehemently advise against.  Why? Well, it’s because you... [Read More]

How to select the best industrial power inverters for your power needs

Are you fed up with power outages? Is your business suffering? Do you need an alternative power source? If yes, you can find a solution and some relief in industrial power inverters.  However, don’t buy the first unit that you find online. There are so many brands, models, and... [Read More]

How you can prevent your sine wave inverters from overloading

Imagine having bought a pure sine wave inverter to power your devices when there’s no electricity. You are all excited about it and have hooked up your devices to it. You have even properly connected the inverter to your DC power source. However, nothing happens when you switch on... [Read More]

6 important points to know and consider before buying industrial power inverters

Are you thinking of buying industrial power inverters to power your essential devices when there’s no AC power? It’s a wise decision to make because inverters change stored DC power from batteries into conventional power to use for operating equipment, lights, power tools, etc. They are most useful and required... [Read More]

Five mistakes to avoid while connecting modular inverters

Ok. So you have bought your modular inverters, and you now wonder how you should join them for your equipment. The most important decisions you have to make first are to decide where you want to place it. Ok, you look around, and you decide on someplace in your... [Read More]

Do you know how much are industrial power inverters?

You may be planning to buy industrial power inverters, and want to know how much of an investment it will be. You will be surprised to know that there is no straight answer to the question ‘How much is a power inverter?”. Why? Well, it’s because there are so... [Read More]

Will modified sine wave inverters damage my electronics?

There is a common misunderstanding that modified sine wave inverters can do more harm than good to electronics.  Well, it’s not entirely wrong, nor is it true. The problem is that while it’s not technically wrong to use modified sine wave inverters with your electronics, there are some risks... [Read More]

Exactly how important are pure sine wave inverters?

Investing in an industrial power inverter may seem to be an unnecessary expenditure at first glance. There’s not only the initial cost but also the additional maintenance costs that you have to endure. However, you will not see it as much of an expense if you realize how much... [Read More]