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Selecting Inverter Manufacturers: Frequently Asked Questions

Most companies and organizations that need power inverters focus on the specs of an inverter, not the practices of the company that manufactured it. However, the quality of inverter specs is largely determined by inverter manufacturers. Below are questions that our customers frequently ask regarding inverter manufacturers, and the... [Read More]

Modular Inverters: 4 Harmful Operating Conditions

Industrial grade modular inverters are made to withstand adverse operating conditions. However, some adverse operating conditions and maintenance practices that can harm modular inverters. If you plan to use modular inverters, be on the lookout for the following things that could cause inverter damage that leads to inverter replacement... [Read More]

Industrial Power: Selling Excess Power to a Utility Provider

It’s a scenario that many armchair engineers and professional engineers would like to accomplish: producing excess electricity they can sell to the utility provider ― the entity that oversees the operation and regulation of the electrical grid. Depending on how much excess energy is produced, the operation could become... [Read More]

Inverter Manufacturers: Offbeat Considerations for Choosing a Manufacturer

Product performance that matches the application and a perfect product fitment after installation are the primary reasons companies and organizations buy inverters from some inverter manufacturers over others. There can also be quite a few other reasons that seal the sales deal, reasons that often have little if anything... [Read More]

Modular Inverters: Preparing for the Changeover

Is your company or organization considering switching to modular inverters? If so, there are plenty reasons for making the switch, with the reasons below being some of the most popular ones for why many consider upgrading to modular inverters the option of choice: Inverters are housed in a chassis,... [Read More]

Selecting Industrial Power Inverters: 4 Cost Cutting Tips

Most companies and organizations that buy industrial power inverters can easily afford the purchase. But who wouldn’t like to save money on the purchase to add to the bottom line? If you’re in the market for industrial power inverters, check out the cost saving tips below. They’ll help you... [Read More]

Evaluating Inverter Manufacturers: 5 Important Questions

The reliability and capability of power inverters start with the manufacturing process. We typically evaluate equipment after it shows what it can do. But the potential for poor inverter performance may be identified by evaluating inverter manufacturers before the sale. If you need to develop a process for vetting... [Read More]

Custom Modular Inverters: 4 Benefits for Industrial Users

At a time when many companies seek the smallest footprint for work equipment, custom modular inverters appeal to inverter users. A chassis that holds multiple modular inverters can replace the need to install inverters separately. In addition to helping conserve workspace, modular inverters offer four benefits that users of... [Read More]

Industrial Power Outages: Using Solar Panels With Inverters

If there is ever a time when we appreciate how much we depend on the electrical grid for industrial power, it’s during an electrical power outage. According to a 2017 report from Diesel Service & Supply — a longtime supplier of industrial power generators and related hardware — “The... [Read More]

Inverter Maintenance: Inverter Manufacturers vs. Third Parties

Compared to many types of complex electrical equipment, industrial power inverters are fairly easy to maintain. Remove a few screws and lift away the rigid equipment housing, and you have a relatively small piece of equipment you can place on a tabletop to perform the maintenance operation. However, while... [Read More]