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Different types of AC power inverters

AC power industrial inverters are designed to handle everyday heavy loads. They have a wide operating range and can handle both colder temperatures and greater heat. This is why there are so many types and models of AC inverters to fit your power needs and requirements. AC inverters are... [Read More]

How to choose 2k watt inverters based on surge

It doesn’t matter whether you have to choose between 2k watt power inverters or true sine wave inverters. What is important is that you know what the inverter’s maximum surge is, and how long the surge lasts. Choose based on surge Now when it comes to surge, all inverters... [Read More]

Why modular inverters make a better choice for hospitals

Hospitals need industrial power inverters to ensure uninterrupted power to sensitive medical equipment, even during outages. With so much sensitive equipment around and space restrictions in some places, it’s no wonder that modular pure sine wave inverters are popular in hospitals. What do modular inverters do? Modular inverters convert... [Read More]

Customized industrial power inverters are worth the investment

All industries need industrial power inverters to protect the equipment from damage during outages, and to maintain a continuous power supply. While the need is the same for all industries, there is no rule saying that all industrial equipment should use the same inverters. Standard inverters fit most industrial... [Read More]

Why your small scale industry equipment need industrial power inverters

You may be aware that your small scale industry needs industrial power inverters to keep your equipment safe and secure. But have you ever wondered how they work to protect your machinery? They mainly convert your direct current (DC) power source into alternating current (AC). DC continuously flows from... [Read More]

How to select the right modular inverters for your institution

Choosing industrial power inverters is something that shouldn’t be done lightly or in a hurry. You may instinctively look for modular inverters that are compact in size, and fit into most spaces. While space is important, there are various other technical factors that you have to consider. This is... [Read More]

How You Can Save Money Buying AC inverters Directly from Manufacturers

Did you know that while AC power industrial inverters are a huge investment, there are ways to save money? Yes, you can save a considerable amount of money buying directly from the inverter manufacturer. 1. No commission to pay If you wonder why, it’s because you don’t have to... [Read More]

All you need to know to buy 2k watt power inverters

2k watt power inverters are a worthy investment to make if you buy the right unit for your business and equipment. First-timers may find choosing perfect true sine wave inverters difficult, considering the many types and brands available on the market. Here are a few things you should keep... [Read More]

3 myths about modular inverters demystified

Modular inverters are a sound investment in any industry. They are vital in preventing possible damage to expensive equipment from problems like power outages. However, many people refrain from investing in these industrial power inverters because they are a bit more expensive than other available options. It is true... [Read More]

2 TruthsTo Remember While Choosing Inverters

You never know when a power outage may occur. But when it strikes, it generally leads to lots of financial loss and downtime for any industry. While buying industrial power inverters can provide a cure by preventing these power outages it helps only if you choose the right inverter... [Read More]